Poker Sites Accepting Prepaid Visa

Many poker sites accepting Visa are going to allow prepaid Visa card payments. The prepaid option isn't going to listed nearly as often as the simple Visa designation itself. You'll see Visa Debit and Visa Electron discussed, but seldom the prepaid Visa card. You'll be able to buy these cards through the website, though other online vendors also allow for you to procure the prepaid option.

With many online poker players looking to strictly control their poker playing budgets these days, any option that allows players to keep a careful eye on finances is a great choice. Prepaid Visa cards protect your identity while at the same time ensuring that players can always deposit funds into their chosen poker sites quickly and in a hassle free way. Prepaid visa cards are a secure, fast, and useful way to fund your poker bankroll even if you don't have or want a standard credit card.

Best Prepaid Visa USA Poker Sites

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  • Poker Room Name
  • Mac OS
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  • 1
  • BetOnline Poker
  • USA
  • Bonus of $900
  • Accepts players from all US states!

    Poker room loaded with fish

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  • 2
  • Bovada Poker
  • USA
  • Bonus of $500
  • One of the oldest US poker rooms with poker, casino, sports

    Weekly $100K with $1 qualifiers available daily

  • Review
  • 3
  • Carbon Poker
  • USA
  • Bonus of $1100
  • Provides a great VIP program with cash back

    Accepts USA credit cards

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  • 4
  • Sportsbetting Poker
  • Bonus of $900
  • Instant cash bonuses on deposits

    Accepts US Visa, M/C, Amex

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These pre paid cards allows the holder to top up the balance held on them whenever they choose. Some  can even be topped up online! Because they are prepaid, there is never a risk of overspending. You are only able to spend the balance on a pre paid card that is already loaded. This is also a useful tool for players who may find that they have a hard time budgeting or keeping track of the deposits they make via accounts directly tied to their bank accounts. This is especially easy if you make many small deposits instead of a few larger ones. You cannot overspend if it isn't loaded onto the card.

You will find a massive number of shopping outlets who will provide you with such a pre paid Visa Card. There are two main types of prepaid credit cards. The first type can be found as disposable cards at Walmart and other retailers. The second type is typically offered by locations like Check cashing businesses. The prepaid credit cards vary from the disposable cards that function more like gift cards- use once, with no registered owner.

Some prepaid cards will look just like a normal credit card complete with your name- some simply rely on monthly fees and others will charge a fee to load. Often times there is a small fee for every charge, typically less than $1. Some gift card type prepaid credit cards will offer the ability to register the card to your name providing a small amount of fraud protection. However, more personalized cards that bear the owner's name are far more secure, and typically even offer online banking to help budgeting.

Many poker sites will accept these prepaid Visa cards, as well as many merchants including which make them a great way to fund your poker bankroll. The great part about your prepaid Visa card is that it is very useful outside of funding your poker account. This means that you don't have a spare web wallet just to move money to your poker account. You aren't entering in your debit card, and you don't have to pay huge fees for money transfers. A prepaid Visa is also useful for shopping both online and in store. There's a greater measure of safety for online purchases made with a prepaid Visa as there is no huge credit limit for a potential thief to run up.

And if you get your winnings sent back to your prepaid Visa, you can save your paycheck and use this card to buy groceries, pay bills, and more! A prepaid Visa is treated by many merchants the exact same as a standard Visa card. It depends on the poker site you play at, as well as the type of prepaid Visa you have if they can send the funds back to it. A disposable gift card may not be reloadable that way, although a monthly fee card may be. If you plan your withdrawal, it could even be your gift buying budget! Prepaid Visa cards seem like they would be wasteful, especially for people who have excellent credit. But they are a great method to fund your bankroll.

Prepaid Visa on Merge Network

Prepaid Visa can be used on the Merge Network, but the card has to be an international card. If it says "US" on the card only, it's not likely to work. If United States poker players can find a NetSpend terminal to buy their Visa card, that should work for them. If you aren't familiar with the Merge Gaming Network, Merge is a software network used by many different online poker rooms. Lock Poker used to be on Merge, but has since moved to the Cake Poker Network (called Revolution Gaming now). The most notable Merge Gaming Network site is Carbon Poker.