Poker Sites Accepting Western Union

Western Union is the world's oldest electronic communication company and financial transfer service, having been in business since 1851. Western Union had a telegraph monopoly in the United States during the Old West, so anyone who's watched Hollywood westerns has seen the company depicted countless times. What people may not know is that Western Union is a valid means of making deposits at 186 worldwide online gambling sites, including 88 which accepts U.S. gamblers. A handful of these gambling websites are Internet poker rooms, which I want to list for US and world poker players.

When you have been trying without success to make a deposit into your chosen online poker site then you may be tempted to just give up trying and forget about playing poker online. However there is a guaranteed way you will be able to transfer money into a poker site and that is via Western Union. This is a global money transferring service that is very well known for their safety, security, and reliability.

List of the Best Western Union Poker Sites

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  • BetOnline Poker
  • USA
  • Bonus of $900
  • Accepts players from all US states!

    Poker room loaded with fish

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  • Sportsbetting Poker
  • Bonus of $900
  • Instant cash bonuses on deposits

    Accepts US Visa, M/C, Amex

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Now, we know that may seem like a rather dramatic way to have to use to get money sent into your poker account. Many online poker sites not being able to process debit and credit cards in the way they used to be able to. Serious online poker players  can find delays and frustrations in funding their bankrolls very frustrating. It is a reliable, safe method that is guaranteed to go through with no stress or hassle. If you've had issues using other methods, then Western Union is definitely one method you may wish to consider using.

However we would like to suggest you use caution when sending money via Western Union to online poker sites, and as such we would recommend you stick to doing so only at poker sites which have made it onto out listing of top rated sites, as these poker venues will never let you down or make you wait for ages to have your Western Union deposit credited to your account.

Well known and respected poker sites bank on the fact that customers will come back because they are reliable and safe. Unfortunately, there are always untrustworthy upstarts, so be sure to be confident in the reputation of the poker room you want to use. Western Union funds went sent are gone, where as deposits via credit card afford a little more protection against fraud.

Depositing to your bankroll with cash can be very helpful when keeping to a budget, especially when players prefer to make one or two large deposits  a year. A larger deposit that is well timed also allows players to take full advantage of many of the bonuses and deposit promotions many poker rooms offer. For example, many deposit bonuses will give a percentage bonus up to a certain dollar amount.

 A small deposit won't take full advantage of the available free cash, and regular small deposits may not always qualify to receive bonus cash. For serious players who enjoy year round poker, a little careful planning can minimize the fees and interest paid on deposits. This will also maximize the value for your dollar, by making it cheaper in the long term and allowing players to take best advantage of any available free cash.

Another benefit of making a deposit via Western Union is that the poker site you choose will also be able to pay you your winnings via this method. And that means you will quickly be able to collect your winnings once you have requested a cash out, without excessive processing time or waiting days for checks, echecks, or bank transfers to clear. The benefit of a Western Union withdrawal is also that it will be paid to you in cash at the Western Union office!
If you are wondering how you send your money to when using Western Union to fund your online poker account then simply contact the poker site's customer support team. They have all the information you need, and are friendly and helpful. They can give you all of the relevant details of to whom and where to send your funds. Once you have send the funds, simply contact them again to have your money credited to your poker bankroll. Thanks to the Western Union tracking, this can be nearly instantaneous. It's always a great thing to avoid long processing and clearing times.