What Are VIP Programs?

Playing online poker is fun all by itself, but the opportunity to win prizes and be treated like a high roller makes it even more alluring. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to move through the ranks of the casino’s VIP program, an invention meant to inspire customer loyalty and encourage frequent play. In case you’re unaware of how VIP programs work at online card rooms, this article should provide you with some much-needed details.

VIP Levels

Most Internet card rooms have multiple levels for their VIP program. Your frequency of play each month will determine which level you’re on, and you’ll often be able to enjoy the benefits for the following month, as well. Some casinos start players at the bronze VIP level, while frequent player can rise as high as the platinum level. The higher the level, the more benefits you’ll receive.

Getting VIP Points

In order to get VIP points, you’ll need to play in online cash games at your chosen card room. The rate at which you’ll gain points differs from site to site, but one leading card room offers 5.5 VIP points for every dollar spent in entry fees or contributed to the pot.

What to Do with VIP Points

Once you’ve accumulated a bunch of VIP points, you’ll need to decide what to do with them. The options will vary depending on the card room, but here are some of the most common perks available.

Cash and Bonuses – Some card rooms will allow you to exchange VIP points for cash and other bonuses. Even when you lose money at the table, this option will allow you to reclaim some of it at a later date.

VIP Store – If your online card room of choice sells merchandise, you can use your VIP points to purchase items such as iPods, coffee holders, sweaters, and sunglasses.

Enter Cash Tournaments – Instead of spending actual cash to enter a tournament, you may be able to exchange a certain number of VIP points to get a seat at the table.

Exclusive Satellites – In some cases, VIP members with enough points will be able to enter exclusive freeroll tournaments. This is another welcome perk for folks who are going to be playing cash games anyway.

Win Seats in Online Tournaments – Spending VIP points will enable you to enter Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments, and this will give you a chance to in entry into even more profitable week tournaments.

Win Seats in Live Events – You can enter exclusive VIP satellite tournaments for a chance to compete in live events such as the European Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker.

If you’re going to be playing a significant amount of online poker, you should take a long look at the card room’s VIP program. While it won’t help you defeat your opponents at the virtual tables, it will enable you to see a consistent return on your investment.